Booktalk for I AM PRINCESS X by Cherie Priest

i-am-princess-x-2May met Libby when they were in 5th grade. They were best friends all through middle school—and then Libby died in a car accident. Her mom supposedly fell asleep at the wheel and the car plunged off a bridge.

That was three years ago. May is 16 now, and her parents are divorced. She’s just gotten back to Seattle to spend the summer with her dad when she notices a sticker on a shop window. The sticker shows a dark-haired girl with a gold crown, puffy pink dress, red sneakers, and a long sword. There’s also a website:

May is stunned. Could this possibly be a coincidence? Princess X was a character that she and Libby created together. They spent years on her story. May would write and Libby would draw the adventures of a sword-wielding princess in red sneakers.

When May goes to the Princess X website, she discovers a hugely popular—and mysterious—webcomic. No one knows who is creating it. This version of Princess X starts with a car accident—the car goes off a bridge, just like Libby’s—but the princess survives. Only to be kidnapped.

Is the comic a clue just for May? Could her best friend Libby still be alive—and in terrible danger?

I am Princess X is a fast-paced thriller that will keep you reading. It’s also a mixed format book with both text and graphic novel sections.


Genre: mystery / thriller

Grades 7 and up.


Anna’s take on it:

This was one of my superstar titles when I booktalked it in middle schools last fall. I usually booktalked it first—it was a great way to draw the students into my presentation. Even in classes where the students were quite reserved, they would react to this one. And when I asked kids at the end of my talk which book they wanted to read most, this was their top pick.

I recommend it highly.