Booktalk for CAMINAR by Skila Brown

Caminar-129x195Carlos lives in a small village in Guatemala. His country has been fighting a civil war for many years, but his village has always been safe before. Then one day soldiers from the army set up camp nearby. The soldiers play soccer with the boys, but they also warn against the rebels—the guerillas—and offer to pay for the names of rebel supporters in the village. Before the soldiers leave, they kill a village man.

Not long after the army is gone, the guerillas pass through the village. The villagers are in terrible danger now. The army could come back hunting the rebels at any time.

Carlos is out in the jungle collecting mushrooms for his mother when the army attacks. He’s out of sight, but he hears the helicopters and guns.

His village is destroyed. Carlos is alone in the jungle. Can he survive?


Genre: novel in verse, historical fiction

Grades 6 and up.