Booktalk for MY NAME IS NOT EASY by Debby Dahl Edwardson

My-Name-Is-Not-Easy-128x195Luke and his family are Native Alaskan, and they live in a small village in the far north, above the Arctic Circle. In 1960, when he is twelve, Luke and his two younger brothers are sent to a Catholic boarding school hundreds of miles from home.

The last thing Luke’s mother tells him is “Take care of your brothers.” Luke promises he will. His little brother Isaac is only six, and Bunna is ten.

But Luke can’t keep his promise to his mother.

When the brothers arrive, the priest says Isaac is too young for the school. He loads the boy into a station wagon and drives away. When the priest returns, he is alone. He won’t tell Luke where he has taken his brother.


Genre: historical fiction

Grades 7 and up.