Booktalk for MY FAIR GODMOTHER by Janette Rallison

My-fair-godmother-129x195Savannah is devastated. Her boyfriend Hunter just broke up with her, and now he’s going out with her sister Jane. Savannah thinks her life is ruined.

Then Savannah’s fairy godmother shows up. Savannah didn’t know she had a fairy godmother—especially not a teenage fairy godmother with pink hair, knee-high boots, and sunglasses. Her name is Chrissy and she’s here to grant Savannah three wishes. Maybe Savannah’s life is about to get a lot better? Unfortunately, Chrissy is a mediocre student at Fairy Godmother School—Savannah had better watch out what she wishes for!

My Fair Godmother is part high school romance, part fractured fairy tale, and part Middle Ages adventure. It’s a fun story.

Genre: Fantasy

Grades 5-8.